Level 5 half-elf warlock


warlock.jpgFear, that is most people’s reaction to seeing Raist up close for the first time. From a distance, he looks like a woodsman far from his home in the forest, well worn studded leather armor, a wooden club and crossbow slung across his back, sliver-white hair hanging down his back. He even carries a pelt or two from slain creatures to see what they might bring at market from time to time. Drawing closer, you might catch a phrase or two about the best place to forage nuts hidden by crafty squirrels preparing for winter, but you might also hear a phase you don’t understand directed at someone or something you can’t see. That is when that first tingle of fear starts in your stomach. Next you might notice the way he stops and listens to things you can’t hear or the weird way his fingers start to move in bizarre and twisted ways when he seems to be listening to a voice only he can hear. Just as you notice the tell-tale pointed ears of an elf, he turns toward you and looks into your eyes and then the fear erupts from your belly in all directions, causing you to gasp, choke a little and twitch all at the same time, primal instinct screams “Run”, but it is to late, you have looked into the eyes of madness. They are eyes without color, pure white but it is obvious he sees you, the corners of his mouth curl a little as if he noticed your reaction but is politely ignoring it. You are definitely afraid when he begins to open his mouth to speak to you…..


Raist tells everyone he was raised by wolves in the Cloakwood forest just north of Candlekeep and only recently left them behind to travel with is new-found half brother Camron. Last winter Camron got lost in the forest during the winter and Raist’s pack mates were hunting him when Raist interceded and made them settle for rabbit instead. Camron explained to Raist that a calling had sent him into the woods searching for something lost and over the course of several weeks they discovered they were half brothers, sharing the same father and that the need to search had also come over Raist. This prompted Raist to decide to travel with Camron to see what they could accomplish together. The first traveled to meet Onthar Frume, whom Camron spoke highly of and also said might have a clue as to where to search.

Raist was actually raised by his human mother in the Cloakwood forest, where she lived as a recluse. She taught Raist woodsmanship and the ability to survive in the forest. She also unknowingly passed on her Pact when she disappeared and a tattered journal appeared in Raist’s backpack shortly after he started hearing a whispering voice.


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