Level 5 half-orc fighter


rampage.jpgDescription: Ranpage is huge, even for a half-orc, he stands over six and a half feet tall and his muscles have muscles, pushing his weight to close to 300 lbs. He is clean shaven with piercing blue eyes and closely cropped black hair. He is proudly wearing his new splint mail that depicts his heroic feats against a bad tempered ogre. He is currently working on mastering the glaive so he can reach even more foes and wears his trusty great axe on his back. Ranpage rarely talks, he just throws his axe when he runs out of patients, letting it answer any and all questions.


Ranpage grew up in a little village called Koribor and was raised by the town blacksmith, Randel Hammer who raised him as his son. Randel was extremely good natured and passed this onto his son, who followed in his footsteps, apprenticing at the smithy. 3 months ago, Koribor was attacked by raiding goblins and a ogre that called itself Gorm. Half the village was destroyed as Gorm approached the smithy. Randel and Ranpage bravely stood their ground and slew many goblins together. Gorm flew into rage at the killing of his followers and vowed to put both of them in a stew pot. He swept both of them aside with his might club, Ranpage dodged the worst of it but poor Randel slammed into the forge, knocking him out. As Gorm turned to deal with the half-orc, Ranpage grabbed the closest weapon, a great axe and threw it at the ogre, who turned just in time to catch it right in the face, ripping out its left eye. The ogre bellowed in agony and turned and ran, trying to get out of town. Ranpage, still amped up from fighting chased the ogre out of town across the river and over the first hill before coming to his senses and returning to Koribor. The town was alreading rejoicing in their new hero, Ranpage, Defender of Koribor, who plucked the eye from a ogre and chased it from town with nothing but a dagger. Thus the legend of Ranpage the Defender was born and encouraged by his step father, Ranpage left Koribor in search of adventure and fame.


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