Mountain Dwarf Outlander lv. 5 Barbarian


Dwarven_Berserker_2.jpgRohtilav’s appearance strikes fear into many long before his great axe falls on them. Long firery red braids stream down his face while his hair is shaved into a tall bristly mohawk. His huge shoulders and thick arms are covered in large blue tattoos. A chain connects his earring and nose-ring.

He is always armed with a wicked greataxe and a pair of javelins. His massive tattooed muscles are exposed as he wears only torn pants and heavy boots for clothing.


“Let’s smash everything.”

Rohtilav grew up on the outskirts of of a dwarven kingdom among isolated dwarven steadings. An orc raid when he was ten that saw his mother and grandfather dead, left a deep impression on him. A firery rage began to grow in him and so when he turned 20 he sought out Fraldruk the Berserker who lived by himself in a miserable cave surrounded by skulls. Fraldruk taught him the secrets of forgetting self and becoming destruction on the battlefield.

“Once you realize that you do not exist – that all that exists is the blade, the hammer, and the need for every foe around you to feel it, you will find the berserker within you.”

“Bleeding is for mortals. When the battle starts – you ain’t got time to bleed.”


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