The Heroes Return

Troll Claws

Wher the heroes nearly die twice.

15429630030_020ab85567_b.jpgThe weather turned bad and they found themselves traveling in a strange storm. Lightning flashed and there was an eerie whistling on the wind. They huddled under the wagon to try and relatively dry. They awoke to a changed world.

As far as the eye could see around them, the ground was covered in 3" fungi. The fungi grew and grew until it was over a foot tall. No on dared to move for every time someone stepped on a mushroom it emitted a moan and a puff of black spores that frightened the horses. “Poisonous” men shouted.

Eventually some of the heroes determined that it wasn’t poisonous at all and began clearing it. As they swept the mushrooms aside to clear the path for the caravan, the fungi gave out a chorus of terrible cries and agonizing moans. Arastyl succumbed to the spores and was overwhelmed with feelings of grief. He dropped to his knees and wept. Never again would he eat mushrooms.

As they got closer to the Trollclaw mountains a strange encounter happened. Raist spooked a girl that was gathering herbs. Her hood fell back to reveal she was entirely green. Some of the caravan travelers accused Raist of sorcerery, including Sludig the Pole, a 7’ 6" human guard with a greatsword. A dwarf guard, Toldor, was the loudest voice against Raist, and the two nearly came to blows. Even after it was clarified that the girl had been like that since the beginning of the journey, ill feelings remained.

stonehaven.jpgOn Day 14 after a terrible cold storm they wound their way through the troll claws to find Stonehaven Inn. Resting beside the Trollclaw Ford and an abandoned hamlet, the two-story stone inn looked like a warm haven for them all. Yet they were all turned away. When the heroes inquired as to why they found out it had been bought out by four surely, arrogant men. The “judge” and his three attendants mocked the adventurers until the it seemed like the heroes could take it no longer. But it was the four humans who drew blades first.

The fight was intense and the men were skilled warriors. They nearly slew the heroes if not for the help of the innkeeper who gave a potion of healing to them before running out the door. In the end the heroes lived and prevailed. And two of them got to sleep indoors. the judge and his men turned out to have assassin tattoos.

troll.pngOn day 15 a teamster spotted something moving in the rocks off the road and the heroes went to investigate. What the found was a troll lair. They fought the troll and a pack of greasy wolves to the death and look a considerable pile of loot including several magic items.

At night they checked the items, trying to determine their functions…



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